Aug 28, 2011

BW 7.3: Troubleshooting Real-Time Data Acquisition

BW 7.3: Troubleshooting Real-Time Data Acquisition
Tobias Kuefner / Company: SAP AG
Posted in Enterprise Data Warehousing/Business Warehouse

The main advantage of real-time data acquisition (RDA) is that new data is reflected in your BI reports just a few minutes after being entered in your operational systems. RDA therefore supports your business users to make their tactical decisions on a day-by-day basis. The drawback however is that these business users notice much faster when one of their BI reports is not up to date. They might call you then and ask why the document posted 5 minutes ago is not visible yet in reporting. And what do you do now? I’ll show you how BW 7.3 helps you to resolve problems with real-time data acquisition faster than ever before.
First, let’s have a look at what else is new to RDA in BW 7.3. The most powerful extension is definitely the HybridProvider. By using RDA to transfer transactional data into a HybridProvider, you can easily combine the low data latency of RDA with the fast response times of an InfoCube or a BWA index, even for large amounts of data. You’ll find more information about this combination in a separate blog. Additionally. BW 7.3 allows for real-timemaster data acquisition. This means that you can transfer delta records to InfoObject attributes and texts at a frequency of one per minute. And just like RDA directly activates data transferred to a DataStore object, master data transferred to an InfoObject becomes available for BI reporting immediately.

SAP Network Blog: BW 7.3: Troubleshooting Real-Time Data Acquisition

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