Jan 26, 2012

Palo Alto to Boston in Six Minutes


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There's no denying the success of SAP HANA. In 2011, the in-memory application generated sales of around €160 million for SAP. It has been officially available since June 2011 and created quite a stir in its first six months of existence.

With SAP HANA, SAP offers something completely revolutionary: The combination of hardware and software enables large numbers of data records – and even databases – to be loaded into and stored in the working memory, where they are available for evaluations. This means analyses can be performed even more rapidly. What used to take 15 hours can now be mastered by SAP HANA in four seconds. With SAP HANA, data can be evaluated 10,000 times faster. Vishal Sikka, member of the SAP Executive Board and responsible for the technology and innovation areas, compares it with a journey from Palo Alto to Boston that takes just six minutes.

Guides, videos, and downloads – SAP HANA Experience 

SAP HANA is classified as follows:

  • SAP HANA platform
  • SAP HANA appliance software
  • The SAP HANA database
  • SAP HANA studio

The "SAP HANA Experience" Web site is designed to provide more information about the in-memory appliance. It is divided into three areas: Learn, Try, and Implement. Each area is then subdivided into Overview, Content, People, and Subspaces and Projects.

In the Learn section, visitors will find blogs about SAP HANA and useful information about installation and configuration. Under People, users can connect up with each other – like on Facebook – and put their profile data online, such as their professional role and the name of their company.

On the Web site, you'll also find a whole host of information about the three SAP HANA products: SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse component powered by SAP HANA, SAP CO-PA Accelerator software, and SAP Smart Meter Analytics software.


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