Nov 22, 2011

Dynamic Attachment using Simple Transformation

Dynamic Attachment using Simple Transformation

The main focus of this article is not about sending mails when a work item is created, currently the main focus of this article would be to creating an attachment dynamically. The attachment can be a .DOC, .XLS, .PDF, .XML.

The term dynamic here refers to the data and content that are populated during the workflow execution that can be either populated in the workflow container or work item container. This article specifically deals with creating a excel sheet and it can be extended to such an extent where you can even populate list values inside the generated excel sheet.

Ok…… let me say you how it can be done in simple 3 steps.

  1. Create a Business Class by including IF_WORKFLOW interface in the class.
  2. Create a Simple Transformation,to populate the values in the excel sheet call the transformation from a method created in the business class.
  3. Create a Standard task and include the new business class and method name and define the proper binding and finally include this task in a workflow.
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