Oct 14, 2011

How To Collect a Variant and ABAP Program in a Transport

How To Collect a Variant and ABAP Program in a Transport (BI - Process Chain)

Business Scenario

"Sometimes, you would need to collect a variant of an ABAP program and transport across systems (D/Q/P)."
You wish to have an automatic ticketing mechanism in which each process chain failure will generate a ticket ( in our case it's Remedy) and thus the efforts are tracked. So in each of your process chain's you want to check the failure(s) and intimate to the Firefighting team.
To achieve this you have setup a custom program step (in all chains) to generate a message with complete details of failure and you would want this program to get executed with a predefined variant across all boxes (DEV/QAS/PRD).
For this to happen, you may want to transport the variant along with the program step. Variants are not automatically collected in transports as we build them, nor when we drag a process chain into transport manager (even when using the before and after setting).

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