Sep 18, 2009

List of the frequently used Function Module in SAP BW.

List of the frequently used Function Module in SAP BW.

1.RRMX_WORKBOOK_DELETE: Delete BW Workbooks permanently from Roles & Favorites

2.RRMX_WORKBOOK_LIST_GET: Get list of all Workbooks

3.RRMX_WORKBOOK_QUERIES_GET: Get list of queries in a workbook

4.RRMX_QUERY_WHERE_USED_GET: Lists where a query has been used

5.RRMX_JUMP_TARGET_GET: Get list of all Jump Targets

6.RRMX_JUMP_TARGET_DELETE: Delete Jump Targets

7.MONI_TIME_CONVERT: Used for Time Conversions.

8.CONVERT_TO_LOCAL_CURRENCY: Convert Foreign Currency to Local Currecny.

9.CONVERT_TO_FOREIGN_CURRENCY: Convert Local Currency to Foreign Currency.

10.TERM_TRANSLATE_TO_UPPER_CASE: Used to convert all texts to UPPERCASE

11.UNIT_CONVERSION_SIMPLE: Used to convert any unit to another unit. (Ref. table: T006)

12.TZ_GLOBAL_TO_LOCAL: Used to convert timestamp to local time

13.FISCPER_FROM_CALMONTH_CALC: Convert 0CALMONTH or 0CALDAY to Financial Year or Period

14.RSAX_BIW_GET_DATA_SIMPLE: Generic Extraction via Function Module

15.RSAU_READ_MASTER_DATA: Used in Data Transformations to read master data InfoObjects



18.RSDRI_INFOPROV_READ_RFC: Used to read Infocube or ODS data through RFC


20.DATE_TO_DAY: Returns a number what day of the week the date falls on.

21.DATE_GET_WEEK: Will return a week that the day is in.

22.RP_CALC_DATE_IN_INTERVAL: Add/Subtract Years/Months/Days from a Date.


24.SLS_MISC_GET_LAST_DAY_OF_MONTH: Determine Last Day of the Month.

25.RSARCH_DATE_CONVERT: Used for Date Converstions. We can use in Info Package routines.

26.RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH: To trigger an event in process chain

27.DATE_CONVERT_TO_FACTORYDATE: Returns factory calendar date for a date


29.CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_INPUT: Conversion exit ALPHA, external->internal

30.CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_OUTPUT: Conversion exit ALPHA, internal->external

31.RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH: Finish a process (of a process chain)

32.RSAOS_METADATA_UPLOAD: Upload of meta data from R/3

33.RSDMD_DEL_MASTER_DATA: Deletion of master data

34.RSPC_CHAIN_ACTIVATE_REMOTE: To activate a process chain after transport

Source: Viral Shah

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